Jason conducts one to one private sittings that can be psychic (this is all about you and what is going on around you in your life at the moment) or mediumistic (contact with the spirit world) or you can choose to have both. All private sittings cost £45 for approximately 45 minutes.


Psychic readings enable you to have guidance and some direction in your life.


Mediumship/evidential sittings offer you the chance to hear from your loved ones that have passed away, with the intent of giving you evidential proof of life after death. 


Transfiguration Sittings, are for group sittings, minimum 4 persons, maximum 6 persons. Please see FAQ page for more information on Transfiguration Sittings. Cost per group sitting £45 per person. 


Jason will endeavour to give you as much evidence and information about your loved ones and friends in the spirit world. 


All readings are held within the strictest of confidence.


Please go to contact page to make an appointment.



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