The Medium Jay Love (now known as Jason Anastas) has appeared in a series of live programmes for the Greek television company ALTER.


Jay who trained at Londons College of Psychic Studies now teaches Trance Mediumship to its students, and told Physic News that the invitation to appear on THE GATES TO THE UNEXPLAINED - a Saturday evening programme exploring Mediumship and the Paranormal- came about through circumstances pretty inexplicable.


"Last year I was doing Transfiguration sittings at the college" He said

"a family had made an appointment to see me there, but it was cancelled due to illness and they subsequently came to my home for a Transfiguration sitting. I thought no more of it, but about a year later, I received a telephone call from the family, telling me about this Paranormal TV show and suggesting that they introduce me to Yiannis Moutsos, one of the presenters of the show.

I was quite happy to travel over to Greece to meet him, as my mother is Greek and I have family in Athens.


The last Medium that had was Gordon Smith in 2008. I was interested in doing the show, for several reasons. I wanted to show Mediumship in a positive light and Greece was an ideal country to do this as it is the birthplace of Spiritualism





The very first sighting of a materialisation is thought to have occurred in Ancient Greece, and of course, since I am half Greek myself, it seemed a very good opportunity.

Jay, who also teaches Trance and Physical Mediumship at Tony Stockwells studio, was subsequently invited to appear on the programme on 24th October , where he was interviewed before giving a live demonstration of  Mental Mediumship. 

"The time allotted for the demonstration was only 20 minutes, so I had to give as much evidence as possible, in the time available" said Jay.

"I was also asked to participate in a live experiment conducted by a Greek Neurologist. This was sprung on me without warning! 

The Neurologist began by placing electrodes on Jays head, and linking them to a laptop.

"They chose a random recipient and put them on the other side of a partition, also putting electrodes on their head," Jay explained. 

"I was then asked to give the recipient a blind reading. The result of this experiment was that my brain waves were completely normal. However there was apparently activity in the frontal lobe of my brain whilst the reading was taking place. 

All in all it was a good result, bearing in mind that it was done live in a TV studio. Not your usual venue to be doing an experiment like that!".


Producers counted the programme a success and invited Jay to return the following week for a second live broadcast, during which Jay believes he performed a TV first, demonstrating Transfiguration Mediumship to the viewing public. This was done in a studio with an audience of approximately 60 people, and a panel consisting of a Psychologist and two Journalists," Jay said.

The audience was very receptive and witnessed the phenomenon taking place. One audience member was an ear nose and throat specialist and he stood up to confirm that he had witnessed the ear changing, with his own physical eyes. The panel confirmed that they too had seen this. I feel that this was a step forward for Spiritualism," 

Jay told PN that he had made no charge for the two television appearances and had accepted no other payment of any kind. "I am very proud to be an ambassador for the Spirit World." He said.





On the 31st - 1st November 2009 a remarkable demonstration took place in a television studio in a place called Peristeri in Athens Greece.  For the first time, in history, a Transfiguration Medium Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) sat in front of a 70 strong live audience to demonstrate a form of physical Mediumship that is so rare that only one in one million has the ability to demonstrate it in good strong red light. 


A fine, lace like, substance called Ectoplasm slowly builds up over the face of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) and morphs and shapes into a distinctive likeness of a sitters deceased love one.

The spirit control working through Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love), repeatedly asking the sitter if they were witnessing the phenomena taking place in front of their eyes, and asking the audience if they witnessed the same phenomena; THEY DID! A phenomena that is able to defy the laws of all known physics on Earth. 

The intelligence and synchronicity of the spirit worlds capabilities is phenomenal, and it is never static.


Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) is of dual nationality. He was born on British soil from a Greek heritage. 

Unfortunately demonstrations of live Mediumship on British TV has been strictly forbidden since 1964. The last Medium to have been allowed to be shown was on The David Frost Show, a well known TV presenter. 

The Medium was the late Jessie Nason, her Mediumship was of outstanding accuracy. The telephone switchboard to the show was jam packed. The success was phenomenal. She was invited back to demonstrate again. 

From that year the decision was made that live Mediumship was never ever to be  shown again, except for a few seconds delay.


The spirit world had to wait for 55 years, to be precise, for an opportunity to show live Mediumship on a television show.

Because of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) Greek heritage, Greece was chosen as the next location for a historical live demonstration of physical Mediumship.


The intelligence of the spirit worlds progression to move it to the next port of location, as the Medium is of mixed heritage with access to The country and the willingness of Greece to participate in the experiment led to this unique demonstration to take place. 


The he success of the demonstration was shown by making the front pages of two of Britains, long running, spiritualist magazines: The Psychic News and The Spirit Messenger.


Greece is no stranger to psychic phenomena. It is well recorded, the first ever seance where a materialised spirit form happened over 3000 years ago.


The renowned Medium Gordon Higginson, who was the president of The Spiritualists National Union, and a pioneer in building the worlds first college devoted to scientific investigation into psychic science: The World Renowned Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall in Essex. 

It is well documented that whilst staying in Greece during his war service, he witnessed a remarkable seance of physical Mediumship, with a local Medium, in a humble village in the Peloponnese. 

Greece has a history of Mediumship that goes back thousands of years, with the famous oracle of Delphi, the birth place of ancient spiritualism. 



Inspiral Mediums Write up By Jay Gage


A much misunderstood technique, true trance mediumship is a blending of our world and the Spirit world in it's truest form. Jay Love is a genuine exponent of trance - working without the need for cabinets, restraints, or any of the other theatrical paraphanalia beloved of less able proponents, and not only brings through your loved ones, but enables them to touch and hug you, just as they would if they were here today.

Transfiguration is a rare ability, and enables Jay to literally show you the face of your loved one. Using a thin ectoplasmic veil, the features of spirit people mould across Jay's own face, resulting in the amazing experience of actually seeing them one more time. This technique enabled the writer to see Jay transformed from a young Asian man, with very distinctive features, into their father - an 80 year old white man, and into their friend, who had a large birthmark across her face. In both cases, Jay was not aware of these people, and even if he had been - the ability to represent them on his own face would in itself be quite incredible !

I truly believe that this form of mediumship is the way forward - what better evidence can there possibly be than to literally physically see, feel and hear your loved ones from Spirit ? And how can this be anything other than real evidence.

Please do not miss out on the chance to see this exceptional young man working. For all who believe, and equally for those who do not - yet - this is a never to be forgotten experience of genuine trance and transfiguration - no bells and whistles, just honest mediumship presented with Love.

Please do not miss out on the chance to see this exceptional young man working. For all who believe, and equally for those who do not - yet - this is a never to be forgotten experience of genuine trance and transfiguration - no bells and whistles, just honest mediumship presented with Love.






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