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Due to the minority of disbelievers and those who set out to discredit to any one individual, but the credibility of Spirituality as an Orthadox religion and my own personal belief system I issue the following:-


Any audio recording and filming of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) without prior consent is not prohibited unless written permission is sought. 


Legal action may be pursued to any individual, company or agent using libel or slander against Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) in any format, written, audio, video or orally. Or where the professional reputation of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) is slandered. This includes World wide Internet and publicity. 


Please read The Equality Act - Section 10 - Religion or belief


(1). Religion means any Religion and and a reference to Religion includes a reference to a lack of Religion.


(2). Belief means any Religious or philosophical belief and a reference to belief includes a reference to a lack of belief.


(3). In relation to the protected characteristics of Religion and belief:-


(a)  A reference to a person who has particular protected characteristic is a reference to a person of a particular religion or belief;


(b)  A reference to persons who share a protected characteristic is a reference to persons who are of the same religion or belief.


1.  All visitors and guests to this website/demonstration and sittings should be aware that all readings conducted face to face are for 'entertainment purposes' only applies to UK law and does not apply to any other country worldwide.


2.  All data collected on these websites/demonstrations and sittings is used for the purpose of the service it is intended/applied for. No information is sold or distributed to third parties for the purpose of spamming you. It is for personal records only and for your enjoyment of receiving requested articles and information or information that may be of interest to you.


3.  The site owner and Medium Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) does not tell fortunes, but may, through a psychic reading include information pertaining to the future. Any information given is not the responsibility of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love), but for the person receiving the information to be responsible in how it is accepted and used.


4.  If you book a reading with Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love), it is the free will of spirit to make communication with the Medium Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love). The Medium Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) does not contact spirit.


5.  If the person booking a reading is vulnerable to receiving messages from someone they love in the spirit world, then such a person should refrain from booking a reading. Sometimes it can be upsetting to hear from loved ones.


6.  Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) does not give any persons permission to film or record any demonstrations conducted in a spiritualist church or centres, therefore it is a criminal offence to secretly record any of Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) demonstrations of Mediumship without prior consent from the Medium Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love).



I confirm my consultation with Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) is of my own free will and that I am receiving a psychic, evidential, trance, transfiguration and healing demonstration,private sitting, Tuition or Teaching only.  I also confirm there is no test, research, or experiment taking place without the knowledge and prior permission from Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love)
I also understand permission will not be granted to record, tape or video a session that is for the purpose to slander or libel through negative and/or creative editing used for the purpose of discrediting the provider, Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) No reproduction and public distribution is permitted without the knowlege and permission from Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love)
Additionally, recording equipment, audio or visual is NOT permitted during the session or anywhere Jason Anastas (formerly Jay Love) is demonstrating where the recording may be used for the purpose of the self, media publication or public distribution. Note taking is allowed, but not for the purpose of public or media reproduction, distribution or any of the above. Information obtained through note taking during the reading is for the sole purpose of a personal memory aid only.











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