Jason was born in Leytonstone, East London in 1973 and, through his mother side, is a direct decendant of a long line of Monarchs and his blood line is made up of the House of York, House of Lancaster and the House of Tudor. Together with the Russian royal Tsars families. His royal blood line is closely related to Edward IV and Edwards brother  Richard III who was once King of England.  (Jason is the only royal blood line Monarch to be able to demonstrate Transfiguration, through the gift of Mediumship).  There is no other monarch throughout history that has been able to demonstrate this. 

At 9 months old his parents moved to the historical town of Romford in Essex. He was the youngest of five children, to a Greek mother and Anglo-Indian father. As a child, growing up Jason was very aware of the spirit world manifesting around him although he did not realize this at the time. He would see deceased spirit people manifesting in his minds eye and would see spirit people, around the general public walking in the street, and assumed other people could see them. 


He would also see the auric field around people This has been scientifically proven that all people have an auric field by the use of Kirlian photography. 

He would continue to have fragmented psychic experiences where he would know things about people and predict outcomes. He did not understand this at first and put it down to random coincidences.  At the age of 15 he bought his first set of tarot cards and would experiment doing readings on school friends.


He left school at the age of 16, and this is when he had his first professional reading with a Medium in central London. The Medium told him, that he would one day be working as a professional medium for the spirit world, and he also confirmed personal things about his life.

He mentioned Jay would have to go through many life experiences so he would have a better understanding of helping people on a deeper level.

He was given accurate evidence concerning members of his family that would have been impossible for the Medium to have known. He also told Jay that he could see Jay’s family travelling abroad. (This was to happen 6 months later, when Jason’s mother passed away and they travelled to Athens Greece, to scatter her ashes).


At the end of the reading, he handed him a piece of paper with the address of The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, he told Jay “when you feel ready; go to this place”


At this time Jay intuitively knew that his mother would pass away. So he decided to make a difficult decision, at 16, to tell his parents he was gay. His mother took the news very well, but his father took some time, but then eventually accepted his sexuality.


Jays mother passed to spirit in 1990.  After her passing,  he received concrete evidence of her being in the afterlife, by a local Medium, called Myrtle, the president at the time of Harold Hill Spiritualist Church; who was a Trance and Transfiguration Medium.  The Medium gave Jay outstanding evidence of his mother being around him and guiding him from the spirit world. This was the first time he had come into contact with a Trance Medium. The Medium picked up that Jay had great potential of becoming a Trance and Transfiguration Medium. Jay quickly dismissed this, as he hadn’t any experience of this kind of mediumship before. The medium suggested that Jay was too young to undertake this form of mediumship. However, word slowly got around Jay’s home town and at the age of just 16, he started giving readings and was invited by several people to do readings at their homes. He also did an experimental Transfiguration to all his friends, with partial success. During this time Jay realized the commitment needed and the strict discipline needed to undertake working as a professional Medium. He decided this was not the correct time to commit to this lifestyle and discipline. Jay’s guides had also made him aware, that he needed to spend some time first in his material life and learning different things.  So Jay started to live his life.


At the age of 17, he started to train as a professional dancer, as the rave and club scene was up and coming. So in the 1990’s Jay started the clubbing scene and exploring his sexuality, there was an explosion in dance and the rave culture started. Jay threw himself into the whole club scene and started experimenting with drugs like many other teenagers at the time.


Jay’s father was diagnosed with cancer during this, and he later passed to the spirit world in 1994.

After the death of his father he frequently visited spiritualist churches, to see if he could find out how his parents were, and after a message from them one evening it was confirmed they were both well and safe. It was at this time, after much consideration, that he had no choice but to realize that there is in fact an afterlife. He carried on living his life and at the age 21 started modelling. 


At the age of 27  the spirit world felt he was ready to embark upon the pathway and vocation of Mediumship. And the trigger was, he experienced a harrowing ordeal of a homeless man trying to commit suicide one boxing day evening, it was as if he almost felt this man’s pain and loneliness, he picked up the absolute feeling of despair and sorrow.  It was at that very moment that he had an overwhelming feeling to contact the Spiritual association of Great Britain.


Within the week he attended the SAGB and booked himself into a basic psychic awareness course, the development was almost instantaneous. It was here that he was told about the college of Psychic studies in South Kensington London. He booked to see a Trance Medium and have a Trance sitting there, it was during this sitting that Jay’s guide and relatives came through and spoke through the Medium and proceeded to talk about Jay’s life, and how he was destined to become a Medium.

They also foretold him he would become a physical medium. It was after this he decided to book a course on Trance Mediumship for 3 years he developed into a fine Trance Medium. After 3 years of intense development he was kindly asked by his tutors and mentors Elizabeth Roberts and the late Robin Winbow, at the college to sit as one of the resident Trance mediums giving regular weekly Trance sittings.




Jay has done considerable work in Greece, which is a place dear to his heart, as he has many family connections there.


On one particular visit after establishing himself as a Medium, he was asked to carry out a televised demonstration, under investigation. He was personally invited by Greek television to demonstrate his Mental & Transfiguration Mediumship to an audience on a live TV show.


He was asked to undergo scientific testing and analysing by a Neurologist in the presence of a Psychologist. The neurologist connected electrodes to Jays head which was connected to a computer which analysed the data. Jay gave a blind reading during this process. It was found there was activity in the frontal lobe as Jay was giving the reading. This was carried out live and recorded on the TV show in front of an audience who confirmed yes or no to the accuracy of the information. There was a panel consisting of Sceptics and Journalists. This seemed to have been a success, as they invited him back onto the show the following week. This is the first time a physical Medium has demonstrated this type of phenomena on a live television  show in  the past 167 years in the history of modern spiritualism.







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